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How Does That Make You Feel?

A feel bad comedy series

Theme:       Must love be sacrificed on the altar of success?

Logline:     An ensemble comedy about the thrills of artistic success and the collateral damage following in its wake, told through the most private moments of therapy sessions with a fish-out-water perspective on Hollywood.

From Dr. Manwick’s office, the emotional terrain of therapy provides a dynamic environment for a colorful cast of characters.


GABRIELLE (Sawyer Greenberg)

 a young actress heading for stardom, gets sidetracked from her lifelong dream when she falls for

OLIVER (Skyler Caleb)

 a young writer, who can’t handle seeing the love of his life in steamy sex scenes on the silver screen.  

MAGGIE (Kira Soltanovich -

Comedy Central, The Tonight Show)

 a new mother, develops her own strategy to self-medicate her way out of postpartum depression and marital issues related to her sister Gabrielle’s career.

THOM (Julian Ricardo)

 a top Hollywood agent, is torn between his neglected fiancé and the true love of his life.

ANDREA (Maria Leicy)

Thom’s new - and eager - assistant.  

MR. GELDINGER (Michael Lippman)

A sad, sad man.  

DR. MANWICK’s (Lara Wickman McCarthy)

questionable therapy backfires in devastating ways in

this dark comedic series about flying too close to the