An elegant woman granted an extension on youth and beauty by a skilled surgeon.  Her therapist would diagnose her as a sociopath, if her love for her daughter and husband didn’t seem so genuine.


Rich, handsome and well-behaved in public.  Claire picked him up as a “husband accessory” - it was just an accident that he also turned out to be nice and that their marriage has lasted for over 20 years.


A gloriously fragile mess of a young woman - an eternally annoying  30-year-old teenager.  Her charm is the only thing that keeps people from murdering her.


The guy who grew up in the 'friend zone'.  He somehow got married to his dream-girl...but didn’t know how to keep her.


The rebel twin - fearless and fun, lives above all convention.  She is the instigator.


Stu.  The carefree twin who, like his sister, enjoys trouble.  

Granny and The Other Deviants Who Raised Me
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Character Breakdown

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Feature Film Screenplay

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy

SYNOPSIS:  A glamorous woman’s well-organized life is turned upside-down when her pregnant adult daughter moves back home, bringing along her new female lover and unannounced nighttime visits from her jilted husband.